Pamela Rose : Wild Women of Song
Pamela Rose : Wild Women of SongPamela Rose : Wild Women of Song
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About the Wild Women Project
    From the Wild Women of Song Liner Notes, by Lee Hildebrand...

    During a 2004 concert at the Steinway-Haus in Dūsseldorf, Germany, jazz and blues singer Pamela Rose performed eight songs in a row by women composers. Although she hadn't consciously planned the set that way, it wasn't entirely by happenstance, as the San Francisco vocalist had long held a keen interest in women songwriters, particularly those of the Tin Pan Alley and classic blues eras.

    Thunderous applause followed Rose's announcement that every tune she'd sung was composed by a woman. The same thing began happening back home in the San Francisco area. "I would say," she explains, "'the last six songs you heard were written by women.' The place would go crazy. I think people really are surprised to realize that the contributions of women to these songs that we love and revere are so strong, yet we don't know their names. It became a little cause to bring out these writers' names and to tell people a little bit about them."

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Recording Info
    Produced by Leslie Ann Jones
    Executive Producer: Pamela Rose

    Recorded and Mixed by Leslie Ann Jones
    At Skywalker Sound, a Lucasfilm, Ltd. Company, Marin County, CA

    Additional Recording: Fantasy Studios, Berkeley
    Broken Radio, San Francisco

    Assistant Engineers:
    Dann Thompson & Robert Gatley (Skywalker Sound)
    Alberto Hernandez & Frank Aglieri-Rinella (Fantasy Studios)
    Carly Benham & Jenny Thornburg (Broken Radio)

    Mastering: Paul Stubblebine, San Francisco

    Arrangements: Matt Catingub, John R. Burr, Mimi Fox
    Piano: Matt Catingub, John R. Burr
    Hammond B-3 organ: Wayne De La Cruz, Carl Wheeler
    Bass: Ruth Davies, Jon Evans, Dwayne Pate
    Drums: Allison Miller, Dave Rokeach, Jason Lewis
    Guitar: Mimi Fox, Danny Caron, Jeff Massanari
    Saxophones: Matt Catingub, Joe Cohen
    Trombone: Doug Beavers
    Trumpet: Mike Olmos
    Vibes: Jim Zimmerman
    Background Vocals: Linda Tillery, Jeannie Tracey, Glenn Walters, Emma Dinkelspiel, Jordan Koppelman, Gayle Wilhelm

    Art Direction: Jennifer Melnick Bar-Nahum, Olio Arts
    Photography: Jennifer Paschal, Bruce Forrester Photography
    Make Up: Hillary Clark
    Hair: Julie Yurewitz
    Stylist: Kym Coffey


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